What is Energy Security

Assistance to countries in need of oil and natural gas. A number of these countries from the Middle East are fighting with political instability and therefore are dependent on petroleum for their own finance and commerce.

Oil prices are subject to regular fluctuations because supply goes down and up as demand goes down and up. Sudden spikes in crude costs may result in large jumps in stock levels leading to a lack of equipment for energy. This impacts the global energy trade. America is the most important producer of crude oil, while Iran generates under 3 percent. These two states rely on other nations for their energy source.
Besides these challenges, there are many environmental problems regarding the usage of oil and other oil products. Safety within this area is threatened by numerous countries which are attempting to benefit from the political chaos to acquire oil.
Energy protection through the use of petroleum is threatened by the instability in many countries in the Middle East. There are lots of reasons for this particular matter. A few of the reasons are due to the demographics of these people living in these nations, in addition to poor infrastructure, which may bring about a rise in the price of power and raise the possibility of outages and blackouts. These outages and blackouts raise the danger to the general public in these areas and may be injurious to the safety of the electric grid in case of a power outage. Because of this, oil is utilized by numerous countries to maximize their national power generation and supply power in that nation.


The political chaos in the Middle East as a result of unrest in Iraq, the rising dangers posed by Iran and instability in Yemen and elsewhere have had a damaging influence on the supplies of petroleum. These factors have led to increased demand for oil from overseas. Political battle has frequently erupted between two nations which are dependent on petroleum exports. It has made crude oil transport and pricing much more challenging.
Energy security is the association between the availability of various organic resources for energy intake and national safety. Access to cheap energy is now critical for the smooth operation of modern markets. Still, the irregular distribution of energy resources among countries has resulted in significant vulnerabilities. 1 such vulnerability is the absence of a secure Middle East for oil.
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